So awesome!!! We love the crew and the care they take with our home!!!

Chris B.

They leave my house sparkling clean every time they come. These ladies (Desiree and Jenny) are extremely professional, respectful and careful. They accommodate your schedule which is a big help. This is one of the most efficient, professional, friendly ladies I have ever had clean. The same crew comes each time, so they know how and what you want done, and you don't have to leave instructions like some of the other maid services. They are local and dependable. I would highly recommend them.


Cindy's Maids helped me get my home ready to sell 7 years ago. They did such a fabulous job, I hired them to keep my new home looking beautiful as well. My team (Roxanne, Sam, and Connie) come every 2 weeks and do a terrific job. They are definitely helping us maintain our home and keep up its value as the better it looks, the more likely we are to take good care of it too. I am very pleased with their housekeeping service. Thank you, Cindy's Maids!!

Laura T.